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The Automated Forex Trading Technology

By , January 2, 2015 5:41 pm

Forex market is a continuous and simultaneous trading that occurs in the globally. It does not only happen in the United States and Europe, different country’s currency and money worldwide is being brought and sold. In Forex trading, the investor profits from the movements of foreign currency. Now, if it is done in real time, it is said that the profits could increase. This is the intention of having an automated Forex trading technology.

Forex can change immediately based on the certain and real-time conditions. It could increase in value, or decrease based on conditions. If the currency that have been bought increased in value, you can also sell it to increase or lock in a profit. The Forex market is said to be speculative. It means that the person or the company/ institution who have bought the currency may not have a definite plan with the currency. They are just speculating on the movement of that currency.

A lot of people are taking interest with Forex trading because of its profitable aspects. It has long trading hours, that is 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. Aside from that, according to the Triennil Central Bank Survey of the Bank of International Settlements done in April 2004, traditional foreign exchange market turnover is around $1.88 trillion everyday. It is estimated to increase for another $2 to $3 trillion within the next 8 to 10 years.

These reasons made a lot of people to interested in investing in the Forex trading wealth. Having Forex trading automated, actually, opened a lot opportunities to those who would like to invest. If you are interested in investing in the foreign exchange, you would have to create a trading system and learn it to be successful. You would have to learn about the Forex market and it’s rules. This would take time and patience.

But with the automated Forex trading, those who are interested in investing do not have to undergo the lengthy process of learning the trading system. You have a system that can be programmed and monitor the progress of Forex trade real-time. You can check the monthly profits and losses. This would help you analyze the previous trading results. But this does not dictate or predict future results. This automated system is capable of managing the automated trade within 24 hours.

Major turning points in trades happen within milliseconds. This is why it is important for some to quickly monitor the changes in the Forex trade. For example, if a person would suffer continuous losses during the Forex trade, the automated system would show it and would help the investor to make guided decisions.

Of course, it is important that you would also be familiar and content with the trading platform your automated Forex trading program uses. This would help you deal with the automated actions your program is doing.

Success on the trading field does not depend on whether you are using a manual or an automated system. Aside from this, you would also need to have adequate money management skills. Applying rational financial management skills, would help the investor reduce losses and increase profits. Aside from this, it is also important that the investor is familiar and satisfied with the trading platform.

The big amount of money that you can get from successful Forex trading can be a big attraction for you to invest your money. So if you are interested in entering Forex trading or improving your profits, then you can look at the automated Forex trading as an option.

Forex Robot Myths

By , December 31, 2014 8:45 am

Forex market is among the most unpredictable and frequently changing market. Although, this kind of trade is high risk, there are still a lot of people who are venturing into this kind of investment. There are a lot of experts who give advice to every newcomer in Forex trading, it can be about using Forex robots, automated trading, or changing trading strategy. How can we separate the right from the myths?

Let’s start with Forex robots. What are the common myths about Forex robots and how can they be corrected?

• Clever and complicated Forex robots offer the best service

Unfortunately, this is not true. The most simple systems are the ones that may work best. The good thing about simple systems is that they use just simple algorithms and requires fewer elements.

Aside from that, vendors would claim that their programs were designed by brilliant people. Some would claim that their programs would be created by people in NASA or top programmers. What does these people know about trading, anyway?

• Trading can be improved by scientific and predictive systems

Yes, Forex trading and automated trading systems use mathematical calculations to understand and analyze trading signals and their trends. But, are the mathematical calculations some programs claim are really effective. Some vendors would claim that they use Fibonacci and it could relatively improve trading systems.

These formulas could help you analyze the market, but it could never be used to PREDICT the outcome of a trade. If you can, then there would be numerous people who have gone richer because they won in the Forex market.

• Forex robots can eliminate loss

There are Forex robots and automated system claiming to have zero losses. Again, if this would be true then a lot of users would already be walking millionaires. But that is not the case. There are about 95 percent of traders who lose their money everyday. So, the remaining 5%are just the successful ones, out of those small percentage, how many are using Forex robots? It is perfectly normal for everybody to encounter a losing period.

• You can leave your Forex robots to operate on their own

Forex robots claim that you can just turn on your computer and system and let it operate on its own. It can finish deals for you, without you even participating in the process. Any trading system has to be executed in a way where it can be monitored and still follow the trader’s trading strategy.

The reality is that you can let you equipment continue on trading, but it does not mean that the more trades that you have the more gains you will get. It still depends on how you would make your robot work for what you want and you strategy, not the other way around.

• Success in demo accounts is the same for actual trade

Not just because you have proven the effectiveness of the program in a demo account, it could show the same results in the real account. Everything could be risky. This is why it is important to check customer reactions and comments about the products. Most Forex robots website and forum would offer discussions about what are the common problems encountered in real accounts and hot it was resolved.

Things You Need To Know About A Forex Robot

By , December 28, 2014 11:15 pm

Newcomers and experienced traders are getting introduced and liking how Forex robots were able to work for them. Fore robots can work as an ideal Forex trader, the difference it is it automated and can be programmed. This technology can actually work for you 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.
If traders rely on these robots for their trade and transactions, is it foolproof then?

Forex robots have complex algorithms that enable them to do mathematical calculations based on the detail that they get from actual data from the Forex market. These programs could analyze millions of data in less than a second. Some experts would say that these programs eliminate the user error factor. Decisions about entering or exiting a trade, buying or selling, depends on these calculations and trade signals.

Forex trade is a very unpredictable, liquidated and volatile market. These make trading, even for those who are experienced, difficult. Which is why, most beginners, would rather have Forex robots and other automated trading system to help them with their initial trades. Once you have decided to have a Forex robot of your own, there are things that you would have to know first.

• You should at least have a computer, stable internet connection and some basic knowledge about currency trading. You just do not join something you have no idea about, or at the end you can suffer the consequences.

• Any problems that you have encountered when installing the program is a bad sign. So when you have encountered anything, even a slight glitch, make sure to have the program replaced by the vendor. This is why it is important to know if the vendor offers money back guarantee or good return policy before even going ahead with the purchase. Before purchasing any software, make sure that they would work smoothly with your operating system.

• Demo accounts are important. Do not shove them aside. Remember to test the program first with a demo account before you use your real and actual account. Of course, testimonials and comments would say that the product is awesome and perfect, but do not rely on it too much. Try doing some research and information-gathering about your program.

• Internet connection could affect how your system works. If you are experiencing any problems with the bandwidth, it could affect on how the signals are being detected and interpreted.

• Support is essential. Make sure that there are online and even phone support offered to users and traders that would make sure that any issues about the program would be immediately addressed.

• If you have seen a Forex robot in the market or in the internet that you are interested in buying, make sure that it is up to date. You do not want to have an outdated robot that could not provide accurate information. Clues if it’s the most recent are in the version history and how often the websites get updated.

• Forex robots are not only capable in handling entrance and exit orders, buy and sell transactions. It could also perform other functions like charting. When looking for Forex robots, standard trading tools would include Fibonacci levels, RSI, Stochastic and moving average. Check the features included in the program you would be buying. You would like to get your money’s worth, right?

Forex robots are not exclusively for newcomers in industry. An expert trader can reap numerous and outstanding benefits by using this technology. It’s a win-win situation really, as long as you keep in mind that the technology should not over run its creator.

Tips When Choosing The Right Forex Robot

By , December 26, 2014 2:20 pm

Forex robots are becoming regular members of the Forex market. For some traders, Forex robots are indispensable. Huge opportunities for traders to earn big profits or eventually accumulate huge amounts of opportunities are opening up to traders, there are certain factors like emotions that can affect your trade in a bad way.

Forex robots can put emotions aside and deal without being impartial or being biased when making decisions. Trade decisions are important since the Forex market is so volatile and changes could happen in just a matter of seconds. Quick reaction and decision would pay off, since timing your trade would mean so much for you to be able to increase your profit.

This is the major role for a Forex robot. Forex robots are programmed so that they would be able to enter deals that would be profitable based on the trade signals that the program analyzes. What’s great with Forex robots is that they would be able to carry out the strategy without compromising your judgement or setting them aside due to emotional conflicts.

If you are putting your trade career on the hands of a Forex robot, then you would have to understand the different things about it. The profitability of a Forex robot can be based on its quality, and quality can be different mainly because of the manufacturer of the program.

How would you know that you are getting the right Forex robot? Let’s check.

• Your Forex robot has great background about the currency pair you are interested in. Of course, a Fore x robot can actually monitor all the currencies in the world. But there would be programs that work best with a particular currency pair.

• Forex robots sometimes would have a particular size of trade where they would work best. When they have to trade in a bigger size that what they are recommended to do, their performance can sink eventually losing you trade deals and profits. Make sure that you have defined how much your trading size or money you are willing to put into risk in the Forex trading. There are some programs which would work even in different sizes.

• Forex robots are also available in different levels of automation. If you would like to have a certain level of control on the machine and program, then there are programs which can allow the trader to do some partial manual trading.

• When looking for Forex robots, always ask about the money-back guarantee. If, for some reason, the program would not technically work, you do not have to worry about buying a new one or wondering about the vendor’s return policy.

• Inquire what kind of features is included with your Forex robot software. There are some programs that are very expensive but when you look at it closely, it does not even have any features that could help you boost your trade. There are programs that you can purchase in a reasonable price and can offer you additional information and tools to improve your trading skills.

A Forex robot is a worthy investment. For it to deliver based on you expectations, then you would have cautious even during the selection stage. You do not just pick up something that was poplar, you would need to understand how important it is to make sure that you would get a Forex robot or a program that suits your needs.

Is Forex Scalping For You?

By , December 24, 2014 6:10 am

Forex trading takes in all styles, different methods and unique strategies from its diverse number of traders. One mode of earning in the forex market hits a popular and buzzing note- forex scalping.

What exactly is forex scalping and can it work for you?
Forex scalping is simply put, a method of earning profit in day trading by taking small earnings in a regular way. This accumulates to a big amount in the long run. Usually, it is done by day trading. The problem is they do not work. This is considered to be just a big scam by others.

However, why is it so popular?
Because a lot of people are promoting it on the net, promising huge returns with minimal effort required. They support this with impressive track records that appear on their sites. This is the reason why they are so popular: marketing organizations promote their site on search engines, making it look like that a lot of people have already profited from it.

Another reason why it is so popular is the fact that many people motivated by greed and easy profit are naturally attracted to this proposition. Of course, when they join, they lose money. Not only do they lose money when they buy the system, they lose more when they trade with a faulty strategy. That is what creates the buzz.

Why doesn’t it work? We can simply explain that prices and rates in day trading are very volatile. There is no assurance that you will profit. It is only made so by the stories of those who want to sell their mock software and plans. These juts simulated and hindsight plans did not really happen and in turn, did not really earn some money.

Scientific theories are just that- theories. If they have been proved, then they are no longer theories and hypotheses. Experienced traders have learned not to listen to them. Take a cue and follow suit.

Here are some tips to avoid getting caught into this scam:

1. Trade longer term and forget about day trading. In longer term, the profits are stable. You can also practice short term trading which is different from day trading in terms of time frames. The key is to understand that rates per day are too volatile to rest our investments on them.
2. Know that if it is too easy, then probably it is not true. If scalping works, then nobody would be trying to sell the method, right?
3. Get a full understanding and education of how forex trading works. Simulate first and try mock up trading. Learn and understand how the market works.

Will forex scalping ever phase out in the forex trading market? It probably will not be for a long time. They can repackage the system and presentation to lure other inexperienced, lazy would-be traders. Nevertheless, remember that if you trained properly and understood how the market works, then there is no danger of falling into their trap.

Bottom line is, ditch forex scalping. Forex trading was built on tested principles and unique strategies in predicting the closing rates and watching closely how the market flows. It is not some naïve market where you could bully your way to success with some scientific theory and fancy software platforms.

Automated Forex Trading System Risks

By , December 21, 2014 8:12 pm

We’ve been hearing how great automated Forex Trading system is. There are numerous benefits using it. But is it all about the good things? There are two sides in a coin, so what is the other side of an automated Forex trading system?

Some traders and investors would say that intuition means a lot when trading. Some would say that it played a major role when they are clinching a deal or when winning in a trade. But some traders would say that intuition does not play a role. Some would say that it works for them, while others would contest that. But given the fact that some people rely on intuition to get good trades, an automated system would not be able to help them. Since programs and computers do not rely on intuition at all.

Another common thing that traders who use an automated Forex trading system is make their computers and programs take their place in trading. Actually, this is a great idea. Having a machine to do your trade for you making you deal with other matters. But this turns into a disadvantage especially when you let the program and computer do ALL the work.

It is very easy to be comfortable with this setup, relying with your software too much. Actually, systems could make mistakes too. You would also need to recognize opportunities and at the same time do on-hand trading.

Another downside of an automated Forex trading system is making sure that your computer is running all the time and you have a dedicated server to run your automated trading. This is to make sure that your expert advisors or EA would work with your home and work computer.

There would be times when you would encounter a chart pattern or wave analysis which is very hard to accomplish. So you would have to get some professional people to interpret your charts for you and decode some extremely hard patterns.

Another truth that you would have to face is that not all expert advisors handle errors and other unexpected things easily. So you would need to brace yourself against anything that could disappoint you. Not everything is perfect. So, you would to be prepared to face disappointments and handle them. This is why you would still need knowledge in manual Forex trading.

Nothing is perfect, even computers and programs still make mistakes and can find it difficult to deal with unexpected and crucial points in trading. Traders and investors prefer to use both automated and manual trading. They would use automated trading system if they find manual trading difficult. While, simple systems like simple chart patterns are left to be done manually.

Aside from all of these, another downside is that automated Forex trading is too popular over the internet. This can either be good or bad. The good thing is that getting an automated system is easy and at the tips of your fingers. While the bad thing is that too much popularity can cause numerous websites to come up with scams and cheating over the internee.

There are a lot of automated Forex trading systems for sale in the internet. They claim that their products are the best among the systems, but they fail to meet the standards. That it why, people are advised to check on the comments of customers and have a money-back guarantee for the purchase.

Getting Started Today With A Forex Mini Account

By , December 19, 2014 11:26 am

I’m sure that all of us would like to be in a position to be able to jump into the Forex market with both feet and trade with an unlimited supply of money. The unfortunate reality of this is, however, that very few of us are in a position to do so. The Forex market can be exciting and it is a great way for you to build up a nest egg that will serve you well in the future. Often, it is necessary for us to start with smaller steps in order to jump into a bigger world such as this. That is why most of us began with a Forex Mini account.

A Forex Mini account offers you a number of different options that can help you get started trading on Forex rather easily. The most important of these options, and typically the one that appeals to the beginning trader is the fact that you will have a minimum deposit that is necessary in order to get started. Some of the larger Forex trading accounts may require that you deposit thousands of dollars at a time but a Mini account may allow you to get started with several hundred dollars, or perhaps even less.

Another reason why the Forex Mini account is such a good idea for somebody that is just starting out is it gives them the opportunity to get their feet wet in the market without risking it all. There is an old saying that you should never risk more on the market than what you can afford to lose. One of the mini accounts gives you the opportunity to try all of the bells and whistles inside of the Forex platform, without putting your financial neck on the line in the process.

The most important part about choosing a Forex Mini account is looking for the one that is attached with the proper Forex platform. Since you have dozens of different platforms to choose from, it is often a good idea for you to look at a review website and see which one is the most popular, along with offering you the options that you need. Take a little bit of time to study the different platforms that are available to you, but make sure that you step into the platform rather quickly. By having a Forex Mini account, you will be able to get started trading right away. And getting started is the only way that you are really going to learn.

More Than Just the Robot: Forex Trading 101

By , December 17, 2014 2:56 am

The benefits of using Forex robots have been determined and defined by experts. There are a lot of experts who have testified to the effectiveness of Forex robots in improving their trade and profits. But what is it about Forex and why do people would like to be involved in it.

Aside from the fact the Forex market can reach as much as $3 trillion of market turnover every day, it has become the fastest way to earn stocks. This is the reason why not only individuals are investing in it but also banks, companies and other institutions are turning their interest towards currency exchange and trade.

Before becoming an elite trader or one of the best traders in the Forex market, you need more than just luck. There are simple steps that you can do. You can start by working smartly. Yes, you could work very hard and put a lot of effort into trading. But you could save the time and effort that you put into trading, if you can start trading smartly.

Forex trading can be learned, there are training manuals where you can learn the different strategies and systems that can be used in Forex trading. Aside from that there are also automated systems that could also help you learn. Aside from supporting and making your job easier, automated trading tools and programs can also be instructional.

A successful trader would also need to be in a healthy trading mindset. Success would come from mainly on how you think and how you approach trade and transactions. Having a healthy mindset is not just something that you should have if you are in the Forex trade. You would need this, whatever trading market you are going to be part of.

Actually, the mind can take control over the experience. Results can be proportional to how much effort and though we put into trading. Little results would come from something you would not be putting any effort to. Like the old saying, “if you think you can, you can.”

Forex trading is full of risks. Sometimes, it could even be referred or compared to gambling. Since the market is very volatile, good timing is essential in making sure that you would be getting a good deal. You would also need a good deal of courage to make sure that you would be able to handle your emotions and close calls. Some traders who find controlling their emotions difficult would gladly take advantage of automated trading software and programs.

Aside from courage, you would also need a great deal of patience. Good deals do not happen everyday. Even if there are big turnovers in the Forex market, it does not mean that you would always and consistently get good trades. You would need patience. Some traders would use automated trading systems to earn big time. But there would be instances that it is not possible.

Automated trading systems would often let you lose your money if you are not conscious about it, like let the system or the program trade for you without you even paying any attention.

Successful traders could always give you advise on how to trade and how to be triumphant in Forex trading. You can even surf the internet, there could be options and various supports you can choose from. You can take a Forex robot or an automated Forex trading system, but still fail miserably in the end. Successful Forex trading involves more than skill, knowledge and tools, but character as well.

The Secret Behind Forex Robots

By , December 14, 2014 5:44 pm

Forex robots are making waves. They are believed to have provided numerous benefits to traders who are taking advantage of their support capabilities. Why are Forex robots successful? Forex robots are also known as Expert Advisors or EA. They do live up to their name since they are said to have helped in the $3 trillion market turnover everyday in the Forex market.

As an expert advisor, Forex robots provide advice and information about when to buy, sell and close a deal. The expert advisor interprets and identify the trading signals that they are able get from analyzing the Forex market.

What do they do?

• Forex robots provides indicators when a trader would enter or exit a deal. Some traders would like to be notified first before the robot enters a deal and the trader would manually enter the deal or exit from it. But the EA could be programmed so that it could automatically enter a transaction. The trader is also responsible in providing the stricture from where certain trade information and signals would be determined.

• Aside from entering or exiting a transaction, the Forex robot can also be programmed to perform trade tasks like buying or selling.

• Fore robots can apply your money management strategy to their program and incorporate it in the trades that they do. Money management is all about determining how much you are willing to buy and sell, or the risk factor involved in trading. Some traders would not include money management and would go for a free strategy. But this could be a costly mistake, so it is better to make sure that the Forex robot already has money management or you could input algorithms in the system to integrate your own management style.

• Forex robots are also capable of placing, changing and removing stop losses. It could also take orders.

To operate a Forex robot or an EA, you necessarily need a computer, stable internet connection and at least some knowledge on how Forex trading works. You would also have to sign up for an account with a Forex broker, they would be providing a trading program. This trading program would be monitoring the Forex market and enable you to perform trades manually. After setting up an account, you can get the Forex robot from a manufacturer. The EA would be downloaded to your computer and would make trades for you.

But there is a certain difficulty when using a Forex robot. Although they can do the trade for you 24 hours a day and 5 days a week, it is impossible to keep your computer working for that long. So, there are some companies that offer virtual hosting where traders can continue trading while giving their computers and trading robot the needed rest.

These service providers would just require necessary information so that they can host your trading platform. They would be providing you would a username and password to have access to your server. When looking for services like this, it is important to have a demo account first where you can check the service before foregoing into trading real money and account.

But as reiterated by experts, having an automated trading system, in this case the Forex robot, is not an assurance of succeeding in trading and becoming a millionaire. It still relies on your trading skills, knowledge and mindset.

The Risks Of A Forex Robot

By , December 12, 2014 8:41 am

Who does not want to have some share with the $3 trillion market turnover that the Forex market gets everyday? If you are one of those newcomers who are learning how to be a part of the Forex trading market and having difficulty to cope with it, you would also receive a lot of talk about getting a Forex trading robot to help you with your trade.

We have hear how good this system is and how a lot of people have gained a lot from using it. But how good is it, really? Could it just be too perfect that we do not want to worry about anything. Contradictory to what most people think, Forex robots would also have downsides.

What are these negative effects?

• Heavy reliance on your equipment

A Forex robot is there to help you not to completely take over for you. A common mistake made by traders is let automated trading programs do the work for them and never ever put even small manual trading. This can turn into a trading disaster in the long run.

If you rely too much on your equipment, what would you do if your computer crashes or you robot encountered problems? Would this be the end for your trading career? Having sufficient knowledge in doing trade manually could save it, making it really essential if you wanted to succeed in Forex trade.

Another thing is that most traders that use automated trading system would just leave their equipment alone. Automated trading system, specifically, Forex robots have the feature called optimization. This would allow traders to check on previous trades and determine how trades have been won in the past. This would allow your system to improve its program. But, there would be times when the optimization process would be too much. It could keep improving its system until it sees that there are no losses on the data. But this could buy time and can even lose transactions in the end.

• Believing its magic

There is no such thing as a perfect system. There are some Forex robot systems that say that they have zero losses under their belt. Systems that claim this could happen aer actually losing their account. There are experts who say that system like this could actually earn a break-even after 20 years!

So, just the same with the first point, even if there are Forex robots that claim to have as much as 95 to 100 percent gain, relying on them too much and letting them do the trading without the trader getting involved could lead to disaster. But traders would have to dig deeper to understand that, actually, their account could end up dipping as much as 75 to 80 percent. Eventually, this could entirely deplete their account.

• Alert signs

Some Forex robots would use bad money management strategies, like stop loss could be larger that the target. Others would not have any trading strategy at all! Some would not allow backtest, which is something that traders should be conscious about.

Bottom line is that no automated trading system could make you rich by millions overnight or in weeks. The Forex market is unpredictable and could be exciting. But to succeed in this field, miracle-workers like automated trading system is not the answer. Of course, it could help or provide the necessary support in Forex trading. But still, a good trading mindset and skill could take you to a long way.

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